Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sunday Rides Cancelled Due to COVID-19 until Further Notice

In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, and in keeping with official recommendations not to gather in groups of more than 10 people we are cancelling our Sunday bike rides until further notice. Like the rest of the country, we will continue to monitor the virus situation and will restore our Sunday rides when it is prudent to do so. Your ride leaders agree that this is the responsible thing to do.
Just FYI, the St. Pete Bike Club came to this decision on March 15th. The statement on their Facebook page is so well-written that I hope they will forgive me for copying parts of it here.
While we do not recommend any form of group rides during this period, your decision to participate in any ride, other than solo, is entirely at your own risk, and should depend on your overall health, age and comfort level with the situation. Don't let anyone pressure you into a decision you are not comfortable with. If you should make the personal decision to ride with others, please follow the precautions listed on the CDC website below:

Additionally, please observe the following do's and don'ts while riding with others:
1. If you are not feeling well, even if you think it's allergies, please ride solo or stay home. Just regular coughing may alarm other people.
2. Please refrain from shaking hands and hugging or touching your friends or their equipment.
3. Leave a little larger gap between you and the rider in front of you whenever possible.
4. If you need to spit, blow your nose, sneeze or cough, please check to be sure you are clear, signal, and move out of the pace line (to the left if possible). This may require asking a rider alongside of you to give you room. Most of all, make sure there is not one behind you. Yes, it is allergy season, but please do your best. Cough into your elbow if you can't get out of line.
5. Wash your clothes including gloves and helmet pads after every ride. Wipe anything that can't go into the washer (like your helmet and shoes) with alcohol, or spray with a disinfectant.
6. Disinfect your handlebars and saddle and gear bags often.
7. Many rides and events are being cancelled. Check before you go. As you know, we are in the midst of a very dynamic situation and things will be changing on short notice.
May you and your families remain safe and healthy during these trying times.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Come Ride With Us On Sundays

Greetings Bicyclers!

We are a friendly collection of folks who like to ride our bikes on Sunday mornings. We ride a different area of Tampa Bay each week, on paved roads and/or paved local bike trails. Our distances average from 20 to 30 miles, depending upon the location, and our speed averages from 10 to 16 mph, depending upon the ride. We ride as a group. and each ride has a dedicated leader who sets and maintains the posted speed for the entire group. We encourage and welcome new riders, and, if possible, adjust our rides accordingly. To ride with us you must have:
  • a helmet
  • a full water bottle
  • a road-worthy bicycle
  • a spare tube (two are better!)
We also adhere to the following "Rules of the Road"
  • You MUST wear a helmet

  • Obey all traffic laws
  • Ride single file on busy roads
  • Do not ride more than two abreast
  • No earphones or ear buds (illegal)
  • Music is permitted if at a level only you can hear (if it bothers your neighbor, turn it down)
  • No cellphone use while riding (stop if you must use your phone)
  • No hands-free riding (illegal)
Please note: We are a meet-up group, NOT an organization - no dues, no meetings, no group insurance. By joining us you assume full responsibility for yourself and your equipment. By taking part in any Tampa Bay Bicyclers event, you acknowledge that you realize bicycling has inherent dangers and that you assume responsibility for yourself by participating. This means that you recognize and accept responsibility for your actions, and that you understand the potential for injury and even death. We expect new riders to join us on a ride that is appropriate for their skills, and to ride at the speed designated by the ride leader.

Listed to the right are pages containing our ride schedule. Call the designated ride leader for more information, and/or if the weather forecast looks "iffy." Whenever possible, ride cancellations are posted by 6:30 AM on this page. This blog is maintained solely for the convenience of our riding friends. Riding your bike is a great way to discover the Tampa Bay area! Our focus is to SHARE the road with other bikes, cars and pedestrians (not take it over). Our rides focus on Touring, not racing, pacelining or becoming a ”critical mass”, and, of course, sharing a bite to eat together after the ride.

A "Winter" Day at Ft. Desoto

A Spring day on Davis Islands

The group on a new ride to the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks.

We made the local news with Don's Farewell to the Pier Ride in May, 2013.

We discovered the Tall Ships at the Convention Center on one of our Tour of Tampa rides.

Here are some of our gang on a chilly Forest Hills ride in January, relaxing at a mid-ride coffee stop, and visiting the Jose Gaspar pirate vessel docked at the Convention Center.

Want more information on bicycling in Tampa: